Art Aquarium Ginza Japan Day 10 August 2023

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Art Aquarium Ginza Japan Day 10 August 2023

Updated: April 18 2024 15:34

Welcome to the Art Aquarium Museum in Tokyo, a kaleidoscopic symphony of aquatic wonder that has captivated the world's imagination.

A Glimpse of the Past

The tale of the Art Aquarium Museum is as fascinating as the exhibits it houses. It began as a temporary exhibition in Tokyo back in 2007, enchanting visitors for two months. From that inception, it has grown into a global sensation, touring across Japan and even making stops in Milan and Shanghai. The journey culminates in the permanent Art Aquarium Museum, a testament to its enduring allure.

Goldfish as Living Art

As you step into this aquatic wonderland, prepare to be mesmerized. More than 30,000 goldfish swim through tanks of every imaginable shape and size. The exhibit isn't just about observing – it's about immersing yourself in a dreamlike world where colors dance and shadows create a mesmerizing symphony. The goldfish, with their vibrant hues, become living brushstrokes that paint the canvas of your imagination.

Tanks of Artistic Wonders

From classic fishbowl shapes to geometric wonders, the tanks themselves are artworks. They frame the goldfish in ways that evoke images ranging from geishas to kaleidoscope visions. Each tank is a window into an art form that extends beyond traditional boundaries.

Audio Insights and Multilingual Exploration

The Art Aquarium Museum isn't just about sight – it's a multi-sensory feast. From a viewing balcony that changes the color palette before your eyes to a stylish lounge where you can sip cocktails against the backdrop of a classic Noh stage, every corner is an invitation to immerse your senses.

To enhance your experience, audio headsets are available for a deeper dive into the history and inspiration behind each piece. Whether you're fluent in Japanese, English, or Chinese, the narrations offer a richer understanding of the artistry that brings these goldfish to life.

Exploring the Aquatic Wonderland

As you wander through the exhibit, you'll encounter themes that transport you into different realms. From a procession of courtesans to the ethereal Forest of Goldfish, each zone offers a distinct experience. The Round Window and Sekiterium invite you to witness goldfish swimming past like birds in the sky, while the Temarium pays homage to courtesan traditions.

Souvenirs of the Sea

Before bidding adieu, don't forget to explore the gift shop, where the theme of goldfish extends to everything from wind chimes to chocolate treats. It's a chance to take a piece of this aquatic artistry home with you.

Swimming Through a Dream

As you exit the Art Aquarium Museum, you're left with a sense of having swum through a dream – a world where art isn't just on display but alive, moving, and breathing. The enchantment of the goldfish lingers in your mind, an ode to creativity that's as timeless as the tides. Until we venture into another aquatic realm, keep the shimmer of goldfish in your heart, and let your imagination dive into the colors and mysteries of the deep!

Torikizoku: A Taste of Tokyo's Nightlife

Torikizoku, located in the heart of Tokyo's bustling Shinjuku district, is a popular yakitori restaurant that offers a unique dining experience². Open from 5:00 PM to 5:00 AM, it caters to the city's vibrant nightlife, serving a wide range of grilled meat skewers at an affordable price¹². The restaurant's convivial and relaxed atmosphere makes it a favorite spot for groups of friends, students, and salarymen looking for a laid-back evening after work.

The menu at Torikizoku is diverse and intriguing, with each dish costing only 321¥. It specializes in various types of yakitori, including both beef and chicken, and even offers interesting chicken parts like heart, liver, gizzard, knee, and skin. For those who prefer non-skewered meals, there are also small bowls of ramen, desserts, and chicken soup with rice¹. One of the standout dishes is the chicken skewers with leeks between each chicken chunk, a favorite among the locals.

Despite its popularity, Torikizoku maintains a comfortable and clean environment. The staff is patient and accommodating, even to foreigners who do not speak Japanese. The ordering process is made easy with digital tablets that can be set to English, and each of the thirty skewer types is illustrated by a picture. So, whether you're a local or a tourist, Torikizoku offers a taste of Tokyo's nightlife that is hard to resist.

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