Hakone Japan Day 9 August 2023

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Hakone Japan Day 9 August 2023

Updated: April 18 2024 15:33

We're diving headfirst into the charming realm of Hakone, Japan – a place where hot springs steam, Mount Fuji winks, and surprises lurk around every corner. So grab your yukata and get ready for a Hakone adventure that'll leave you saying, "Arigato, Hakone!"

A Fuji Greeting and Scenic Train Rides

Picture this: you're on a train winding through lush landscapes, and suddenly, like a scene from a dream, Mount Fuji pops into view. Your jaw drops, your camera clicks, and you realize that the adventure you're about to embark on is going to be nothing short of magical.

Soak, Soothe, and Savor the Hot Springs

Ah, the allure of hot springs! We plunge into the onsen culture of Hakone like explorers seeking hidden treasure. The steamy waters work their magic, untangling knots in muscles and melting away stress like ice cream on a summer day. With Mount Fuji watching over, we soak in the tranquility, savoring the moment with every gentle sigh.

The Pirate Ships of Lake Ashi

Hoist the sails and set course for Lake Ashi, where pirate ships sail these pristine waters. Wait, pirate ships in Japan? Oh yes! These aren't your typical pillaging vessels – they're charming, red-roofed boats that ferry you across the lake. As you glide over the water, the reflections of the surrounding mountains and the distant peak of Mount Fuji paint a picture that's straight out of a fairy tale.

The Thrill of the Hakone Ropeway

Hold onto your hats (or wizard hats, if you're feeling magical) as we board the Hakone Ropeway. With each ascent, the views become more breathtaking. It's like being on a rollercoaster of landscapes – from thick forests to panoramic views of Lake Ashi and the surrounding mountains. The dramatic reveal of Mount Fuji is the cherry on top.

The Owakudani Mystery and the Black Eggs

Legend has it that if you eat a black egg from Owakudani, you'll add seven years to your life. How? Well, these eggs are cooked in the sulfurous hot springs, turning their shells black. We crack open these mysterious treats, hoping for a dose of longevity. Whether or not it works, the adventure of eating an egg from the belly of a volcanic beast is worth it!

Savoring Hakone Food

Hakone is not just known for its hot springs and natural beauty, but also for its unique culinary delights. One of the must-try beverages in Hakone is the fruit juice. The region is known for its clean, clear water, which is used to make a variety of refreshing fruit juices. A popular choice is the Nama-Tofu Shake (vanilla) which boasts the #1 rank in terms of popularity. This shake comes in different flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, mango, and matcha. The vanilla shake is highly recommended as its flavor tends to bring out that of the soybeans used to make the tofu even more.

When it comes to sushi, Hakone has a plethora of options. Sushimiyafuji, located near the bustling Hakone-Yumoto Station, is a popular sushi spot. This restaurant serves a variety of sushi dishes and is known for its friendly atmosphere and welcoming owners⁷. Another notable sushi restaurant is Hatsuhana Soba Shinkan, which offers a wide range of sushi dishes. These restaurants provide an authentic sushi experience, allowing visitors to savor the fresh flavors of the sea. Noodles, particularly soba and udon, are another staple in Hakone's culinary scene. Soba is thin noodles made from buckwheat and Udon is a thicker noodle made from flour. Both these noodles are served in a light and savory soup based on soy sauce and fish broth.

The Delightful Japan White Peach Ice Bar

Ice cream in Japan has evolved to include a wide variety of unique flavors that go beyond the standard chocolate and vanilla. From the subtle hint of orange mixed with creamy vanilla flavor in the Chocolate Orange Ice Cream3, to the nutty, mellow, and sweet Black Sesame Sundae, Japanese ice cream offers a delightful array of tastes that cater to every palate. One of my personal favorite is the White Peach Ice Bar. This ice bar captures the essence of the iconic Japanese peach, known for its big size, round, perfectly plump appearance, and incredibly sweet and juicy flavor. The white peach, predominantly grown in Okayama prefecture, is used in a variety of desserts, including the White Peach Ice Bar. This ice bar is a refreshing treat that beautifully encapsulates the delicate sweetness and juiciness of the white peach, offering a taste of summer in Japan.

Hakone, You've Stolen Our Hearts!

As we bid adieu to Hakone, a sense of contentment and awe fills the air. From hot springs that rejuvenate the soul to vistas that steal our breath, this adventure has been a rollercoaster of delight. Hakone, you've captured our hearts like a siren's song, and we leave with memories that sparkle like stars in the night sky. Until we meet again, keep your waters warm and your magic alive!

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